Populate Options on Google Forms From Google Sheets

In this post, I demonstrate how to take options on a Google Sheet and populate those options onto Google Forms Questions using Apps Script.

How to Video:

Video Notes:

  • Further Information on OnOpen(e) Functions Click Here.

Code in Video:

function openForm(e)

function populateQuestions() {
  var form = FormApp.getActiveForm();
  var googleSheetsQuestions = getQuestionValues();
  var itemsArray = form.getItems();
    googleSheetsQuestions[0].forEach(function(header_value, header_index) {
      if(header_value == item.getTitle())
        var choiceArray = [];
        for(j = 1; j < googleSheetsQuestions.length; j++)
          (googleSheetsQuestions[j][header_index] != '') ? choiceArray.push(googleSheetsQuestions[j][header_index]) : null;
        // If using Dropdown Questions use line below instead of line above.

function getQuestionValues() {
  var ss= SpreadsheetApp.openById('1GeFzNR-UoFl9xbla8E1Ditsdr49UnrCmyGRr-6m9wNw');
  var questionSheet = ss.getSheetByName('Questions');
  var returnData = questionSheet.getDataRange().getValues();
  return returnData;

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