How to Create an Email Notification on Google Form Submit

In this post, I demonstrate how to create an email notification on Google Form Submit using Google Apps Script.

How to Video:

Video Notes:

Code in Video:

function submitForm() {

  record_array = [];

  var form = FormApp.openById('');  // Form ID
  var formResponses = form.getResponses();
  var lastResponse = formResponses.length;
  var formTitle = form.getTitle();

  var formResponse = formResponses[lastResponse - 1];
  var itemResponses = formResponse.getItemResponses();

  for (var j = 0; j < itemResponses.length; j++) {
    var itemResponse = itemResponses[j];
    var title = itemResponse.getItem().getTitle();
    var answer = itemResponse.getResponse();



  MailApp.sendEmail("",  // Email Address
                  "Response - " + formTitle,
                  "From Name - " + record_array[0]);


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